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This page is a collection of all Easter Eggs found in the map Green Run. Green Run is a collection of all Green Run maps when playing on TranZit Tower of Babble is an achievement/trophy and easter egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The player must obey the voices, in TranZit. There are two ways of completing this achievement, both of them must be done in the Original difficulty setting. One way is by listening to Dr. Maxis, and can be done only when the power on the map is turned off. The other way is by listening to Richtofen while. Tower of Babble is the Main Easter Egg of TranZit. You do not require any DLC for this map to be playable, but you must have 4 participating players to complete the Maxis Easter Egg, but only 2 for the Richtofen Easter Egg. For this Easter Egg, as well as 2 others (High Maintenance and Mined Games) - you may choose 2 ways to do this Easter Egg

Complete Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit Easter Egg and unlock Tower of Babble achievement or trophy One Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer map in particular has proven to be full of easter eggs, including one easter egg that seems to be a nod to the popular Black Ops 2 Zombies map TranZit Tower of Babble is the main Easter Egg for the map Green Run, and can only be done on TranZit.It requires at least two players to complete! After completing the first few steps, alternate paths. EASTER EGG STEPS Turn on Power - Watch Step - First you are gonna need to head to the Power Area and Build the Switch. There are Three Parts you need to pick up the Handle, The Zombie Hand and The Power Box. These locations are listed below. Once you have all 3 head to [

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  1. The story easter egg, Tower of Babble, can only be performed on TranZit. It is an achievement on Xbox 360 worth 75G and a silver trophy on PlayStation 3. There are two paths to the easter egg: Dr. Maxis ', which requires turning the power off, and Richtofen 's, in which the power is kept on, but the player must be playing as Samuel J. Stuhlinger to be able to hear Richtofen's instructions
  2. imum of two players, on of which is Samuel. Difficulty must be Original. As usual the easter egg relates to the storyline
  3. The Tower of Babble is a multi-stage Easter Egg taking part over multiple maps of Green Run in TRanZit mode. Note that you will need four players to complete the egg. Heres a brief step-by-step. Make a turbine, have all players pick it up. Go to the Power Station, turn on the power; this will release the electric boss zombie Avogadro

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Black Ops 2 Zombies Tranzit Easter Eggs. You can find all Teddy Bears with the help of our Teddy Bear Locations Guide. To unlock Babble of Tower Achievement, read our Tranzit Easter Eggs Guide Call of Duty Zombie songs (Easter Egg Songs) Nacht Der Untoten - Undone by Kevin Sherwood Nacht Der Untoten - WTF by Kevin Sherwood Verruckt - Lullaby for a Deadman byElena Siegman Shi no Numa - The One by Elena Siegman Der Riese - Beauty Of Annihilation by Elena Siegman Kino Der Toten - 115 by Elena Siegman Five - Won't Back Down by Eminem (Feat. Pink) Ascension. Black Ops 2 è uscito solo da pochi giorni ma i giocatori piu' incalliti della modalità Zombie hanno già risolto il piu' grande enigma presente all'interno della modalità storia in TranZit.Grazie alle segnalazioni di tutti voi che seguite Uagna abbiamo deciso di mettere insieme i vari pezzi e scrivere la guida completa alla risoluzione dell' Easter Egg che va finito. Is there anyone out there that has actually ccompleted the Tranzit Easter egg? I always reach a certain point and then either everyone dies, someone leaves, or a noob ruins it. I am pretty frustrated. Has anyone been able to do this? Can you provide some tip for me

Black Ops 2 - All Easter Eggs In this topic I will show you all the Black Ops 2 Zombies Easter Eggs and how to complete them. Green Run Musical Easter Egg Teddy #1: On a bench in the Bus Station right near where you begin. Teddy #2 Easter Eggs contribute to the overall storyline in COD: Zombies. Doing these usually ends in a reward such as a trophy or achievement and an in-game reward. They aren't always the easiest to do. But they're possible. That's where I come in. I'm gonna list off the Easter Egg and give elaborate steps on how to complete each

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